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302 Tactical Operations Group provides Gun Safety Classes and professional firearms instruction at all levels located in New Castle Delaware, with a 260 Acre Range Facility right in New Castle County. 302 Tac Ops is a place that offers everything necessary for Personal and Home Defense.
It is the 302 Tac Ops motto that Self Defense starts with SELF! That means it is up to us to protect ourselves.

Here at 302 Tac Ops Group we have a lifelong passion for teaching Gun Safety Classes, firearms safety, tactics and personal protection. It is our feeling that everyone who comes to us does so to fill a void they have in their own personal training. We take the needs of our students very seriously and in every class we attempt to meet and exceed their highest expectations with all of our courses and training.

We Teach

• Brand New Beginners
• Intermediate
• Advanced

Our Classes

• Handgun Courses
• Shotgun Courses
• Carbine Courses

Custom Courses

• For Families
• For Small Businesses
• For Corporations

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