Obtain Your CCDW Delaware Certificate

Obtain your CCDW Delaware Certification at 302 Tactical Operations Group

CCDW Delaware Certification Course from 302TacOps

302 Tac Ops Group offers the Delaware State Attorneys General approved CCDW Delaware certification training course.
This State mandated course fulfills and exceeds the requirements to obtain your Delaware CCDW Permit.
We also offer the CCDW Delaware certification course needed in order to obtain your state of Florida CCDW permit.

Included in this course is the Applications and Certifications necessary to APPLY to Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
These 3 Permits will give you 35 states in which you will be able to carry.

These Permits will give you reciprocity coverage in 35 States Permit(s) Honored In:


The Qualifier Session, either the Group Qualifier or Private Qualifier, is necessary to complete the CCDW Course*.
*Note: You must attend and complete the classroom portion of the CCDW course before you will be allowed to participate in the qualifier session.
Once the 8 hour classroom portion of the CCDW Course is complete, there will be a 2 Hour Range Qualification Date
that will be set up by the student based on their availability.
Find a Qualifier Session Date & Book Now!

Qualifier Fee: $30 Per Person. Want to have a Private Qualifier Session? Read More!
The Range Qualifier is 150 rounds of Factory Ammo at distances of 3, 5, and 7 yards.

Need to retake a course to bring your paper or permit up to date?

We offer Rectification for $100 for anyone who needs to come back through and do the process over again.
The $100 price is only good for Former Tac Ops Students.
If you are a former 302 Tac Ops Student, please contact us directly to receive this price.

Summer 2017 CCDW Course Schedule

Course Locations: Cabela’s in Christiana, Delaware & XRing Supply in Newark, DE
Time of Class: Doors Open at 9:45 AM; Class Starts at 10:00 AM
Length of Class: This is an 8 Hour Course. Expect to be Done Between 5 PM and 6 PM.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 Cabela’s in Christiana, DE

The 8 hour CCDW Delaware Lecture course covers the following material:

– Knowledge of Safe Handling of Firearms
– Safe Storage of Firearms and Child Safety
– Safe Storage of Ammunition
– Safe Storage of Ammunition and Child Safety
– Safe Firearms and Shooting Fundamentals
– Safe Cleaning and Care
– Identify Safe Targets and What’s Beyond Them
– Types of Firearm Malfunctions and How to Clear Them
– How to Safely Draw and Reholster a Firearm
– Identify and Demonstrate Ways to Maintain Shooting Skills
– Laws Federal and State Pertaining to Purchase, Responsible Ownership, Transportation, and Possession of Firearms
– Detailed Instruction Regarding the Laws Pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force in the State of Delaware
– Knowledge of Safe Handling of Firearms
– How to Avoid a Criminal Attack, Conflict Resolution, and How to Manage a Violent Confrontation

Classroom Lectures will be done at The Cabelas Conference Center.
Doors open at 9:45 AM class starts Promptly at 10AM
No Guns or Live Ammo in the Classroom.

The student is responsible for Ammo, Functioning Firearm, Eye and Ear Protection.
Rental Guns are available for $20 and Rentals come with everything needed but ammunition

Our Range Does NOT SELL AMMO

Please call 302 Tac Ops the day prior to the course date between 4 PM and 8 PM to do final confirmation of all reserved seats.
This is our ONLY confirmation process for these classes.

Missed/Canceled/Moved Range Fee $15
**All deposits and payments are non refundable!
However, the funds may be applied to other class dates or times if you are unable to attend the class you signed up for.**

To start the process of reserving your spot for our CCDW Certification Class,
please choose one of the following steps below

Pay Online

302 Tac Ops uses PayPal as our Credit Card Vendor for deposits and payments. You can use any Credit Card using the PayPal Payment Portal. If you do not belong to PayPal, you can still use the portal to make your deposit or payment without having to sign up.

If you pay the deposit for any of the classes with a credit card either through Pay Pal or over the phone, the remainder balance is due the day of the class & MUST be paid in CASH.

To pay online & to reserve your spot for the CCDW Delaware Certification Course, please use the Pay Pal Form & Button below.
Please complete all fields in the Pay Pal form. See our Training Calendar to find a date!

You can pay via Pay Pal using your credit card but if you would like to pay using your credit card over the phone, please call 302TacOps at 1-302-897-6260


Deposit to Reserve Spot: $105
Full Amount: $235

Once you have Signed Up and Paid for your Course using the Pay Pal Button, Please Print our Course Description Document for your Records.

Click here to View the Course Description Document.

Find The Specific CCDW Course Date and Reserve Your Spot Today!

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Buy Now

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Buy Now

Click Here to Print Out the Course Description Document Once you Have Made Your Payment Online

Pay Via Mail

To pay for your CCDW Certification Course via mail, please send checks and money orders made payable to 302 Group, to the following address:

4142 Ogletown-Stanton Road
Suite 112
Newark, DE 19713

Full Amount: $235.00
Deposit to Reserve Spot: $105.00

Please include the following information when sending your CCDW Delaware Training Course Payment through the mail:

Course date
Phone number
Email address

If we do not have the above information, we will be unable to reserve your spot or confirm that your spot has been reserved 24 hours before the course date.

Click Here to Print Out the Course Description Document Once you Have Mailed Your Payment to 302 Tac Ops


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