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• Brand New Beginners
• Intermediate
• Advanced

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We offer classes in the following

Introduction to Carbines:

• Intro to AR 15 and AK 47 Level I
• Combat Carbine/Handgun Level II
• Introduction to Long Range Rifle
• Intro to Long Range Shooting Level I

Introduction to Handguns:

• Certified State of Delaware and Florida
Concealed Carry Permit Course
• Intro to Combative Shooting Level I
• Combative Shooting Level II
• Combative Shooting Level III
• CCW Developmental Courses

Introduction to Shotgun:

• Intro to Combat Shotgun Level I
• Combat Shotgun/Handgun Level II

We Also Offer

• Private Security
• Personal Protection
• Security Assessments
• Family Safety Plans
Custom Courses For:
• Families
• Small Business
• Corporations

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