Levels of Firearm Courses & Skills Builders
Wild BillQualifier Session: The qualifier session, either Group Qualifier or Private Qualifier, is what is necessary to complete the CCDW Course*. It is also necessary in order to come out and participate in any of the skill builder classes we offer. If you have never shot a qualifier then you can not shoot any of the advance classes we offer.

*Note: You must attend and complete the classroom portion of the CCDW course before you will be allowed to participate in the qualifier session. Once the 8 hour classroom portion of the CCDW is complete, There will be a 2 hour range qualification date that will be set up by the student based on their availability.

Level I: Open to all who have shot our qualifier and understand our Range Policies and Operations. These are beginner level basic courses highlighting the focus on fundamentals.

Level II: Some prerequisite required. These are more advanced in nature and deal with a number of different real world problems. Examples are stress, multiple weapons platforms, shooting while moving, reloading, malfunction clearing, shooting from barricades, shooting from alternative positions, etc.

Level III: You have trained with us in the past and we feel you are competent to be in that course.

302 Tac Ops uses PayPal as our Credit Card Vendor for deposits and payments. You can use any Credit Card using the PayPal Payment Portal. If you do not belong to PayPal, you can still use the portal to make your deposit or payment without having to sign up. If you pay the deposit for any of the classes with a credit card either through Pay Pal or over the phone, the remainder balance is due the day of the class & MUST be paid in CASH.

Pay Scale for Firearm Courses & Skills Builders:

• Group Class CCDW for DE and Multi-State Permit Course is $235 Per Person
• Private CCDW for DE and Multi-State Permit Course is $450 Per Person for Small Groups of 1 to 5 people. Larger groups of 5 people or more is $350 per person.
• Basic Pistol Course is $175 Per Person
• 3 Hour Skill Builder is $135 Per Person
• 6 Hour Skill Builder is $235 Per Person
• Group Qualifier: $30 Per Person for the Group Qualifier. Find your date today!
• Private Qualifier: Cost is $175, add another person for $125, add a 3rd for an additional $125, no more than 3 in a private qualifying session. Pick your own date and time and we will be there!

Private Range Instruction Appointments are available.

The cost for the Private Range Instruction is $125 Per Hour and you can add a friend or family member for $75.
We will train you on any weapon platform of your choosing and can outline a training regiment to make improvements to any skill set.
Small Private Group Rates are available upon request.

Range Rules

Please Bring $30 Cash to the Range to pay for the Qualifier. We DO NOT have a Credit Card Reader on our Range.

You must have the fallowing required gear to shoot at this range

• Functioning Firearm
• 3 Magazines
• Eye and Ear Protection
• Holster
• 150 Rounds of Ammo *No Reloads for the Qualifier* Also Our Range Does NOT SELL AMMO
• Suitable Clothing For Outdoor Shooting

Gun Rentals are Available! Please Text Bill Walters, owner & instructor at 302 Tac Ops by texting 302-897-6260 for more details.

Additional Information

• 302 Tac Ops will make an attendance call the day prior to the course date between 4 PM and 8 PM to do final confirmation of all reserved seats. This is our ONLY confirmation process for these classes.
• Firearms are available for rent, please request 24 hours in advance.
• We only allow 10 students per class on the range at one time.
• We require a minimum of 4 students to run any one particular course.
• Each Course/Skill Builder teaching module has its own specific Gear and Ammo Requirement
• We REQUIRE that ALL students pre-register with a deposit no later than 5 days prior to any given Course/Skill Builder. No Deposit = No Course
• Missed/Canceled/Moved Range Fee $25
• Please call 302 Tac Ops the day prior to the course date (for CCDW & Skills Builder Course Only) between 4 PM and 8 PM to do final confirmation of all reserved seats. This is our ONLY confirmation process for these classes.

Need to take another course to bring your paper or permit up to date? We offer Rectification for $105 for anyone who needs to come back through and do the process over again. The $105 price is only good for Former Tac Ops Students. If you are a former 302 Tac Ops Student, please contact us directly to receive this price.

Please contact Bill Walters to get any course outlines for any training dates you may be interested in attending.

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