Handgun Caliber Carbine Course with Storm Mountain Training Center

Handgun Training in Delaware

Date & Times: June 7th, 8th and 9th
Length of Course: 2.5 Days
Price $550.00
To Reserve Your Spot Call Storm Mountain Training Center at 304-446-5526

Development of tactical shooting skills applied to real life situations utilizing the Law Enforcement & Military Carbine while at close to medium distances.

This courses covers shooting while dealing with the following:

– moving
– moving targets
– limited visibility
– shooting techniques
– decision making,
– instinctive shooting fundamentals
– firing positions
– cover and concealment
– multiple targets
– alternative shot placement for varying tactical encounters
– weapons transitions

This course will also include a review of the basics of utilizing the handgun caliber carbine for civilian, law enforcement and military applications.

Ammunition requirements:
-Carbine (Handgun Calibers Only)- 1,500 rounds. -Handgun – 350 rounds.


Required Equipment:
– Iron sighted or military style optical device
– magazine fed rifle
– handgun calibers 9mm or higher is suitable for this course
– three (3) extra magazines (min)
– handgun, belt-mounted holster
– three (3) extra handgun magazines or speed loaders
– appropriate eye, ear, knee and elbow protection
– clothing suitable for ALL weather conditions