High Risk Situations Course

302 Tactical Operations Group High Risk Situations Course

Storm Mountain, Inc. Training Division
*This course is being conducted in association with 302 Group and its exclusive clients.

The course is a comprehensive shooting and self aid/buddy aid medical program developed to give the student the skills necessary to not only defend against a terrorist or criminal attack but be able to administer proper techniques of first aid to yourself or another if the need arises.

This course covers:
• First Aid Section (Classroom on the first evening, evaluations conducted during the firearms portion)
• Hemorrhage control techniques
• Airway management in a conscious and unconscious patient
• Management of injuries resulting in respiratory distress
• Management and prevention of shock
• Hypothermia management
• Principles of splinting
• Treatment of thermal burns
• Vitals documentation and handoff
• Improvised casualty transportation techniques

Firearms and Tactics Section
• Handgun Qualifications (Cold)
• Marksmanship Enhancement
• Malfunction reduction
• Reloading
• Individual movement
• Use of less than optimal shooting positions
• Transition exercises from rifle/carbine to handgun
• Use of barricades
• Basic low light techniques (Night Fire)
• Stress and movement drills
• Combat mind set
• Counter vehicle ambush techniques with the Handgun and Carbine

Ammunition Requirement:
• Handgun: -1000 rounds Live (min.)
• Carbine: -1000 rounds Live (min.)

Required Equipment:
• Iron sighted or military style optical device, magazine fed rifle, caliber .223 or higher is
suitable for this course
• three (3) extra magazines (min)
• handgun
• belt-mounted holster
• three (3) extra handgun magazines or speed loaders
• appropriate eye, ear, knee and elbow protection
• clothing suitable for weather conditions.


Length/Cost: 2.5 days, $580.00
Dates: June 22nd starting at 6 PM through June 24th, 2018

1. This course is both physical and stressful in nature. You should arrive at SMTC mentally and physically
prepared for 2.5 full days of intense training.
2. This is a no refund / no course transfer program of instruction. If you have to cancel or drop from the
course for any reason prior to or during, you will receive no monies back and will not be granted a
course transfer.
3. Each participant will be issued a quality IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to keep.
4. SMTC has a limited number of Glock 17 and 19- 9mm handguns for rent during the course if needed.
Additional cost of $100. Will be added to the course fee if you require a rental gun. The rental fee
includes: Handgun, Holster, Magazine Pouch and 3 magazines. You will still be responsible for
ammunition and a firm belt.

To register for this course, call Storm Mountain Training Center at 304-446-5526