Introduction to Carbine Course in November

Course Date: Sunday, November 19th, 2017
Course Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

This Skill Builder is designed to work the shooter through the steps necessary to get their weapon platform up to a satisfactory performance level. We start with basic nomenclature parts and pieces and how the systems works. Then we touch on enhancements and add-ons and what can be done to make the platforms work better. We will discuss optics and sling systems and what works best on what platform. We will do a basic BZO Battle Sight Zero with both iron sights and optics if applicable. Next we work on fundamentals and basics of marksmanship then onto shooting drills and qualification. This teaching module is meant to get the shooter more comfortable and give a better understanding of the weapon platform they own and operate.

Equipment List: 200 Rounds of Target Ammo
*NO* M855 62 Grain Green Tip AP Rounds

Functioning Firearm: ANY Box Fed Magazine Rifle
Sling System Preferably Single Point
3 Spare Magazines
Spare Magazine Pouch
Eye and Ear Protection
Clothing Suitable for ALL Weather Conditions

Hot, Humid, Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail…….We SHOOT!!!!

Seating is limited & seats will go fast!

We only have 10 slots per class no exceptions.
In order to give the attention needed to our students we limit class participation to 10.
This ensures not just a small group learning environment but a safe group number as well.

Rental Guns are available for $20 and Rentals come with everything needed but ammunition.
Our Range Does NOT SELL AMMO

This class is first come, first serve! Follow our online instructions below to reserve your spot in the Introduction to Carbine Skills Builder Course.

Payment Options

To reserve your spot today, use the pay pal form below to pay the deposit amount of $75.00 or Pay $135.00 to Pay for the Class in Full. You may also call 302-897-6260 to pay with your credit card over the phone. Remaining balances are due by the day of the class with cash or a money order. Credit cards will not be accepted onsite the day of the class, so please only bring cash or money order to fulfill your remaining balance


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