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Firearms School Testimonials

“I took this course on the recommendation of an acquaintance and I am so glad I did! Bill is a great instructor very down to earth and gives you all the information you need in an easy to understand format and kept everyone engaged. Range instructors were very helpful and consistently giving tips! Great class/qualifier session even with the cold temp, wind, runny nose, watery eyes, and loss of feeling in my toes. I will continue to practice at the range WHERE IT IS WARM! You will see me at skill builder class in the spring and I won’t buy the box of 42 round ammo! 🙂 You will also see my son for CCDW, I called him as soon as I left and told him this is the only place to go for his course. Thank you to everyone involved from class to the range!” ~ Andrea Muller

“302 Tac Ops Firearms Instruction is the Best in Delaware!” ~ James from Newark, DE

“The hands on training and personal attention I got from 302 Tac Ops has give me a new kind of confidence” ~ Julie from Elkton, MD

“Bill Walters is the best firearms instructor and resource in the Tri-State area!” ~ Jeff from Wilmington, DE

“Great no non-sense instruction, learn to shoot well in adverse situations.” ~ Rohit D. from Wilmington, DE

“Really good information learned through the class. Bill is top notch! Definitely taking more classes with 302 Tac Ops!” ~ Chris D.

“I did the carbine shoot and move class. I’m a certified instructor also but felt I wanted to sharpen some skills and boy did i. Bill is a great instructor and the class is very fun and safe at the same time. Also his prices are the best around. I’ll be taking more in the future.” ~ Shawn M.

“I took my CCDW course this past weekend. Bill is an excellent instructor. He’s very knowledgeable and able to make everything clear to even a novice like myself. When it came to safety on the range, he made sure we all understood and practiced safely. I would recommend Bill and 302 Tac Ops to anyone wanting knowledge and/or certification. I will be doing my future classes with him for sure!” ~ Sharon S.

“Great place to get training and understanding your weapons” ~ Howard N.

“Finished the class today. Bill was excellent! Learned a lot about my pistol grip, sighting, safe handling, laws, and application processes and so much more. I would strongly recommend that everyone interested in ccw take this class! He has my recommendation any time!” ~ Kevin A.

“Safe Environment – Strong Presentation – Excellent Content – Fun! Looking forward to taking my next class!” ~ Jack K.

“Finished my CCW class today. Bill is an outstanding facilitator. I really learned a lot. My grip, stance & trigger control all improved. Look forward to taking more classes in the near future. I would highly recommend Bill & the 302 Tac Ops Group.” ~ Brian F.

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