Firearms Skills Builder Courses at 302TacOps

Firearms Skills Builder Courses

View the many different firearms skills builder courses we offer at 302 Tactical Operations Group in Delaware.
Fine tune your skills in handgun reloading, home defense, distance shooting and more!
Choose a course, sign up & start training with 302 Tactical Operations Group.

Seating is limited & seats will go fast!

The Qualifier Session, either Group Qualifier or Private Qualifier,
is necessary to come out and participate in any of the Skills Builder Courses we offer.

Read more on our Qualifier Page.

Book Your Qualifier Session Now

We only have 10 slots per class. NO EXCEPTIONS!
In order to give the attention needed to our students, we limit class participation to 10 individuals.
This ensures not just a small group learning environment but a safe group number as well.

Rental Guns are available for $25 and Rentals come with everything needed but ammunition.
Missed/Canceled/Moved Range Fee $20

Our Range Does NOT SELL AMMO

Need to take another course to bring your paper or permit up to date?
We offer Rectification for $105 for anyone who needs to come back through and do the process over again.
The $100 price is only good for Former Tac Ops Students.
If you are a former 302 Tac Ops Student, please contact us directly to receive this price.

Use our easy Pay Pal Buttons to reserve your spot today!
Just find the class you want, visit the course page & reserve your spot!

302 Tac Ops uses PayPal as our Credit Card Vendor for deposits and payments.
You can use any Credit Card using the PayPal Payment Portal.
If you do not belong to PayPal, you can still use the portal to make your deposit or payment
without having to sign up.

If you pay the deposit for any of the classes with a credit card either through Pay Pal or over the phone,
the remainder balance is due the day of the class & MUST be paid in CASH.

**All deposits and payments are non refundable!
However, the funds may be applied to other class dates or times if you are unable to attend the class you signed up for.**

Please call 302 Tac Ops the day prior to the course date between 4 PM and 8 PM to do final confirmation of all reserved seats.
This is our ONLY confirmation process for these classes.

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